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Thread: PCS cleanout

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    PCS cleanout

    So we don't pcs for 6 months but with a very hectic fall/winter we have coming up we are starting now to go through things and get our house ready for either the rental or sellers market.

    I had a piece of luggage that had sweatshirts from high school (with my maiden name on them) that I probably almost never wore and certainly don't wear now....hence why there were still in that bag since we moved 4 years ago.

    So what do you do with stuff like that? Donate them or throw them away?
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    I would donate it. I don't see any good in throwing clothes away when they can be used. There are a lot of families out there who can't afford to buy warm clothes, so I don't think they'd mind your name being on it. I would not take them to Goodwill unless you couldn't find anywhere else just because it's a pretty corrupt and greedy company, but it is better than nothing. I donate my old coats directly to clothing drives so I know people won't be charged for them.
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    Absolutely donate.

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    Donate! A person looking to stay warm doesn't mind what name is says on the shirt.
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    I donate everything I can. There's several local groups that provide food/toiletries/etc. to homeless veterans and I take stuff to them regularly. I'm sure what you have would be appreciated!
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    Donate for sure. I much prefer taking things to a homeless shelter than Goodwill or something like that. I know going to a homeless shelter someone who really needs it will get some good out of it.

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