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Thread: Not booking us together for OCONUS PCS flight?

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    Not booking us together for OCONUS PCS flight?

    We are working on airfare for our PCS to Japan. They booked us on the Patriot Express, which is no surprise as it is basically required if there is no room. However, DH's orders are being modified, and there will be only a 3 day window in which he can travel, and there is no PE flight during that time. So he won't be on the PE; they will have to fly him commercial. Can they require me to travel separately, on the PE on a different day, instead of putting me on the same commercial flight as DH?

    I couldn't find anything in the JTR.
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    The PE isn't listed in the the JTR as far as I remember. Basically, he is getting an exception due to no seats being available on the PE in order to meet his RNLTD. I don't know if they are required to make that same exception for dependents since they don't have a RNLTD.

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