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Thread: Fort Hood Housing

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    Fort Hood Housing

    Hello, is anyone currently or has anyone been had a house off post near fort hood. It the area did not seem like the greatest when I went to visit and look at a home. I am wondering whether or not on post or off post would be best for that area?
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    Hey! Whenever my husband comes back from his deployment I'm moving to Fort Hood as well. We plan on living off post. My husband said that if you live on post that you're just given a home but off post you're given money for housing. We planned on getting a cheap place off post and saving for when we move to Houston. That's the only reason we were going to live off..I've looked at apartments in the area and the "best" area seems to be closer to Killeen, almost where all the shopping centers are.
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    There are definitely pros and cons to living off post. For us, on post housing wasn't an attractive option at all so we moved off post.

    When it comes to good and bad areas, Fort Hood has those too. Everyone's comfort zone is different but personally I didn't like most of the areas of Killeen. We ended up buying a home to the east of the base near Harker Heights (nearby town) like right on the far edge of Killeen. My impression was, broadly speaking, that being closer to post meant a less desirable living area. There's also the issue of schools (don't know if you have kids) and I can't really speak to that but I'm sure other ladies can.

    After DH ETS'd we moved out of the area because it just wasn't for us, but depending on how far you are willing to commute there are a lot of options. I work in Killeen and see servicemembers every day and some people drive 30-45 minutes but they have a house in an area they like.

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