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Thread: Not getting HHG by "no later than" date?

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    Not getting HHG by "no later than" date?

    Anyone have experience with not getting your HHG delivery by the "no later than" date? Our date is Monday, and given that they haven't yet called to tell us it's here and it's now weekend, it seems like we aren't going to make that. I've checked the Google and the JTR and haven't found anything definitive about what we are entitled to, or how to go about it. Any input? We are in a furnished rental, so thankfully it isn't quite the issue it might be, but I don't have many weather-appropriate clothes. (We've been in suitcases for over 2 months, and it was summer when we started and we were supposed to have our stuff about the same time we moved in.) And there are a few other things we want or need (like a laundry basket, hangers, etc.). I'm not looking for a new wardrobe and a houseful of stuff, but a couple sweaters, a few more pairs of socks, some hangers, etc. would make life a lot easier, and we were supposed to have those things.
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    Yup, had that happen to us too. In the AF you used to file your claim through the JAG office. Back then it was the same paperwork as what you filed for damaged items during a move. The JAG office should be able to guide you though. You are allowed to make a reasonable claim for items that you do not have. For example, if you cannot move into a house because you have no furniture, you can claim extra days in a hotel. Weather appropriate clothes makes sense to me.
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    We had the same thing happen with our HHG, but DH handled all of it. We were reimbursed for things we had to buy though!

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