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Thread: Yokota - Our first move overseas

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    Shocked Yokota - Our first move overseas

    Looks like we are going to Yokota next.
    Who is there already, who has been there, who has advice?
    We are AF, it is a command job, it is our first time moving overseas and we have four kids--three who live with us and 1 who lives with her mom. I am panicking a little...okay, I don't know why I just lied about that...I'm panicking a lot.
    How are the schools? How is the housing? What should we bring, what should we sell/store? Anyone have a great step-by-step guide, besides the one we will get from the AF, that they can link me to so I can take little bites of this elephant until we have successfully consumed it in the next few months?
    Please tell me I am not the only person who feels completely excited and terrified when this news happens. My mind is racing and google is only making it worse.
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    Schools will be DODD (dept of defense district *I think the last D is district not sure though*). I have never used them for my kids, but I went to one as a child and it was a good experience.

    I am totally jealous. I loved Japan and while Yokota (not far enough north for me) would not be my first choice I have always heard great things.

    I imagine your kids will love it. They will learn so much. Please please please please do not be like some and stay on base. Get out, go see the area. Shoot, get out and go see Japan. Go north, go south go all over.

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