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Thread: What is Texas like?

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    What is Texas like?

    Hey Everyone:

    The DB and I are considering moving to Goodfellow. Except for living in Maryland for half a year, I've never lived anywhere other than Colorado and I'm use to having a lot of things to do with my spare time like hiking and going to the mountains or the museums. I'm looking forward to being with the DB again and I'm really excited to get the opportunity to try someplace new, but I have to admit the only thing I know about Texas is that it is hot and there are a lot of snakes. I know it sounds silly but what is Texas like especially the area around Goodfellow and what I can expect?

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    I'm not super familiar with that area specifically but Texas is a HUGE state and there's a lot to do if you're willing to research. Looks like you'd be somewhat close to Austin and there's lots of cool restaurants and bars there. There's definitely a lot of places to hike and such if you're out in a more rural area but we don't have mountains like Colorado

    Ultimately, any state is what you make of it but I think Texas is pretty awesome

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    Okay so I've never actually lived in San Angelo but my uncle has so my next few statements are based solely on what he has told me

    He was at Goodfellow as a fire fighter for about 2 years. There is really not much to do in San Angelo, it's a very rural city about 3 and a half hours west of Austin. There are a handful of museums, some fun bars and some good places to eat but otherwise it's very slow and can get somewhat boring very quickly if you don't find ways to keep yourself entertained. I don't know if you like hiking/fishing/general outdoors but if you do then you should be fine because there are a lot of opportunities to do things like that in that area.

    If you don't mind making the 3 hour drive to Austin, there is a TON to do here in the city. Like I can't even get started on a list of everything to see/do in Austin because it's a lot but it would be good for a few field trips or weekend getaways for you guys when you need something to do and can't find anything there.

    As for Texas in general, I've grown up here and the weather is always unpredictable. The only thing you really can predict is that the summers will be scorching hot and humid and wear LOTS of sunscreen or risk being sunburned like all the time. Winters can be cold and then you can have 70+ degree days in the middle of December and that is completely normal.

    But it's like what April said, everything is what you make it so I'm sure if you guys stay positive and find things to do it'll be a lot of fun Texas is HUGE there is a lot to see and do.

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    Goodfellow is a good area. It is in West Texas, its 4 hours from DFW and San Antonio, and close to 5 hours from Austin. Its only like 2 hours to New Mexico.

    There is stuff to do such as hiking and other outdoor activities. We found plenty to do, it all just depends on what you like. We would do anything from movies, to hiking, to parties on the river. The military rec center always has stuff to do. The base is tiny and not a lot of activities on base, but in San Angelo itself and the surrounding areas there is often something to do. Major cities are nearby (as I mentioned) so for a short 2-4 hour ride you can get to a lot of things.

    You can even take a 45 min ride to Abilene and there is more stuff to do there. San Angelo has a big rodeo arena, and they used to have a minor league baseball team.

    Texas is simply.. hot. It is hot in the winter and hotter in the summer. My husband was born and raised, and I lived there a total of about 10 years.. the temp rarely got below 40 in the winter, and most often was around mid 40s - low 50s. Summer, its hot.. 100 degrees +.. But, San Angelo isn't humid. The humidity is most often less than 10%, so its a dry heat. A dry heat is far easier to contend with than a humid heat. I can sit in 110 degrees no humidity texas heat longer than I can 90 degrees with 90% humidity.

    In comparison to Colorado.. there will be a bit of shock and some changes you have to endure.. largely the landscape. You don't have the greenery and mountains in Texas like you do in Colorado, and the Colorado air is crisper, due to the elevation. Activity wise.. I felt there was very much less to do in Colorado than there was in San Angelo.

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    It is hot. And there are snakes, but you usually only have to deal with them in you're not in a very populated area. I have yet to see one in the suburbs.

    It can also get pretty cold though in the winter, especially depending on where you are. It snows up in North Texas. I've seen it get down into the 20's in San Antonio. So no, it's not always hot in the winter. Yes there's been years when it's 70 on Christmas, but that's Texas. You just don't know. Be prepared for all weather!

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    Yes, Texas is ginormous state-- it's over 800 miles from El Paso to Texarkana!!

    I was born in Austin and grew up in a suburban town just outside the city. I love Texas because you get the best of everything: there's the mountainous region, the hill country in central TX, the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, historical towns, and big cities. It may take a bit of driving but there is a ton to see. Austin and San Antonio are my two favorite Texas cites for different reasons. Austin ALWAYS has events happening: concerts, live music, festivals, ACL, SXSW, etc. There are a lot of walking trails but you won't have much for hiking (there are hills), at least not in central Texas.

    It does get hot but there are plenty of places to go swimming: Jacob's Well, Barton Springs Pool, Hamilton Pool, Inks Lake, and tubing on the Guadalupe are great places to cool off during the summer. The winters can be cold (low 20s) but in central Texas you really only have to worry about snow once a year (usually).

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    I'm not even sure where Goodfellow is but apparently it's West Texas, and that's where Big Bend National Park is! So much hiking and exploring to do there, and just in general West Texas has a handful of little national parks or places to hike.

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