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Thread: Homecoming!!

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    HOME IN TEXAS!!!!!


    Let me see pics of your homecomings! Especially on ships because I have no idea what to expect Not necessarily of you kissing your man but of the whole ordeal, the people, banners, the party in general

    oh and what are some of the cute saying you have seen or used on signs or banners when they return?
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    I posted mine back in December so you can go an look at them if you would like. They are on the second page of all the threads that I have made.
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    I would but I think you have to have like 500 posts or something like that. So once I make 411 more posts then I will be more than happy to post homecoming pics

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    I could easily say homecoming has been the second best day in my whole life. It's absolutley AMAZING!!! from opening your eyes that morning and having a HUGE smile to getting ready and watching that boat getting closer! I was screaming like a mad woman LOL but belive me I wasn't the only one

    The very 1st tip of the ship showing up and the emotions RACING

    The ship on the background

    Getting closer!!!!!!

    Waiting ansiously!!

    The front of the ship was pulling right onfront of us. On the left there was another ship.

    The band

    There were LOOOTS of cars on the parking and I know there was looots of people but it wasn't sooo crowded that you could not barely walk. It was perfect They were handing out flowers and flags.

    and for the closing
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    My hubby's a submariner, we weren't allowed cameras down there. Your hubby is coming home soon?

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