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Thread: I need feedback!

  1. My Airman is kind of a big deal!
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    My Airman is kind of a big deal!
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    I need feedback!

    Okay DH graduates from AF BMT in a couple of weeks. His tech school is 5 1/2months. We've been married almost 3 years and have a 1 year old DD. I finally got to hear from him today But I was wondering what kind of options could he get for me to move down?? I've heard he can permission to live off base, but it's all out of our pocket. I just didn't know if we could help with this or not. Or if I fly down like once a month can he get permission to stay with over a weekend or could he get permission to fly back home?? Any ideas or info from what anyone else has gone through would wonderful!! Thanks so much!
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    im sorry, i know nothin about the AF.....
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    I have no clue. My brother was single all throughout basic and tech school.
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    Is his Tech School 5 1/2 months at one base? As long as it is 20+ weeks at one base the Air Force will pay for you to move down there. Your husband should be receiving BAH in his paycheck and even if you move down to his Tech School he will still be receiving BAH only it will change from where you are currently living to where his Tech School is.

    As for you just going down to visit him being allowed to stay with you over the weekend depends on his phase, his school and his MTL. He won't be able to fly home of the weekends, Tech Schoolers aren't allowed outside a so many mile radius. When I was in Tech School we weren't allowed more than 150 miles from Keesler but DH was allowed to go up to 300 I think at his.
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    i PM'd you... let me know if it helps!!!
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    Are you living in base housing or downtown? If you are, you are already getting paid you BAH. They will pay or authorize whatever the cost of the dorm or the hotel they alloted for. Whatever he goes over is out of pocket. If he is in Tech, he should be able to see you whenever. I don't THINK it is anything like basic where they try to break you down.
    Good luck
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