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    We just had our first FRG meeting with the new ombudsman and the new FRG leader and GUESS WHAT... I get to be a part of the FRG leadership group! We have LOTS of things we want to get started with the command and want to have everyone involved!!! We're even hoping to get some if not all (not likely, but we can try) of the single sailors involved as well. Our next deployment is coming up late this fall so we are really wanting to get this rolling! The new Captain and his wife are AWESOME!!!! I'm so glad I got to meet them tonight! They are both VERY VERY relaxed and very personable and all about families and the well being of their sailors!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!!!

    We are looking for ideas for fund raisers right now though so anybody have anything creative we could use?? TIA!!!!

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    yay! I'm glad things are going great!
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    I'll get thinking on the fund-raiser idea.....
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    That's awesome! I can't think of any fund raiser ideas right now.
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    bake sales & ice cream socials always work or of course a HUGE rummage sale that will hlep with people spring cleaning too
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    That's awesome! What ship is it for?
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    That is so awesome, good for you!!
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    our FRG just decided on a few fund raisers. We are selling static cling ribbons.They go on the inside window of you car or house. Like the magnitic ones but they wont discolor your car like the magnetic ones tend to do after a period of time. We are doing a bake sale later this week when the ship pulls in, we are going to be decorating shoe box size boxes and filling them with stuff to be auctioned off at the halfway mark on the ship. I think we will be decorating t-shirts but I think its undecided whether or not that will be a fundraiser or just an activity that we do together. Some one also tossed out and idea about selling mothers day cards and flowers. we buy the cards wholesale (the lady who put the idea out already has a ton of cards so we wouldn't be buying them). Ones for mom, wife, sister, aunt anyone who may enjoy a mothers day card. The guys pick them out write in them address them and then we get them in the mail close to mothers day. The ship will be on deployment thats why this is a good idea for us. She has a thing with some national flower company too. So along with the cards the guys can buy flowers and we'll put in the orders and have the flowers delivered before mothers day. She said she got the cards for $1 each and sold them for $3.50 each. oUr FRG is new too. Its going pretty well I think.

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