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Thread: After being notified of a PCS do you...

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    After being notified of a PCS do you...

    ...find that you distance yourself from your friends in your current duty station? I don't mean to and it's probably some sort of self-protection instinct or something but I feel like every time we move I end up backing away from the friends that I make in whatever area we are living in at the time. I am pretty bad about staying in touch with them after we move as well. I've noticed that since we found out where and when we are moving I haven't gone to as many playgroups or hung out with my friends as much. Am I the only one who does this?

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    nope, I do the same thing!
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    We found out in January about moving to far I haven't purposely distanced myself from anyone. But we've had one thing after another happen lately, so my friends understand why I haven't been up for much or had a lot of time. I've lived here for over 5 years, before I met my husband. So this move is going to be hard for me. My friends mean a lot to me, so I want to try my hardest to spend as much time with them as I can before we leave.

    But, I can understand where you are coming from.
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    I think for me it's more like I just didn't venture out to make friends to begin with. I made a great friend at one place and we still keep in contact...but it just happened by accident. When we lived in MS I didn't even try to make friends knowing we would be there less than a year. Now we are back to my "home" and my main friends are already here.
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    No I dont.. I enjoy the time I have with them while I am here. I am not the best penpal though lol
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    I will bug you to death when you go to leave here....LOL You will be so ready to leave....LOL I just got a new paper to mail you. I will find the envelope to mail and then try to get it out in the next day or 2.
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    I do that too! But I do keep in touch with them, but I just hate the day we leave and I cry because I am leaving my home and friends.
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    I do that! I don't mean to but I find myself doing it none the less. If you're lucky though you'll have good friends who will call you on it and drag you out and make you feel ok about the move
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    I haven't had that problem yet as we've never had to PCS. I've had a few friends move and none of them distanced themselves from me. Although, I do know someone who is leaving soon and has said she's distanced herself from some people she knows.
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    We are PCSing in a month and a half and I can't say that i'm doing that only because I have only two friends here. Since both friends are working on leaving too, I guess that makes it easier since we all know we are parting ways.

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