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Thread: Headed to Camp Lejeune

  1. Kendra23
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    Headed to Camp Lejeune

    My hubby got his orders in and we are movin to North Carolina!!! I dont know ANYTHING about the base or even the state!!! so if there are any ladies out there that can give me some info or advise...i would LOVE it!!!
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    We are moving there in June. My hubby did a rotation at the hospital there in October for a month and really liked it. The people there seem to be pretty nice and the housing market has really exploded lately! We are house hunting there right now and dh will be going there again at the end of April to hopefully put a bid in on a house for us The on base housing is kind of wierd. I called housing a couple of weeks ago just to check things out and they are renovating a bunch of it right now. The only housing that they had available for us was at MCAS New River and I'm not exactly where that is. The people in housing told me to call back near the end of March to see what the waiting list is like then.
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    DB has been there for 3 years...the town is Jacksonville and it's really small, probably wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the base so there's not a lot to do around there. It's about an hour from Wilmington which is a nice city. It's pretty nice there weather-wise humid is all i know everytime I went to visit! Hope that helps a little
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    Hey girlie!! I stayed in Cherry Point Base for a 1 and a half years and thats about 45 mins from Camp Lejeune. Camp Lejune is nice but yea if you want to go out you have to go to Wilmington. I'm from NC born and Raised. If you not really sure of the southern culture you're about to get a lil taste of it!
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    Hey!! My DH is stationed at the hospital at Camp Lejeune and i move there in SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!! yay!!! lol ive only been down once since hes been there (october) but its a pretty small town but they have everything you need there and all pretty close together. He is only there til Jan 08 so we are just renting. We are gonna be at The Reserve at Jacksonville Commons- DH said its really nice, and it looked the best from all the websites i had.....good luck!!! PM me!!

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