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    Okay so I moved which means I can finally recieve a call from dh. it gets tough haveing a 6 month old and no dh or family around and i REALLY just want to hear his voice sometimes. we were living in chula vista which is like 8 miles from the mexico border and my car had been stolen and an oter broken into so i convinced dh to move and it ment me moving while he was deployed. the tough part of moveing is over though i have less than half or stuff to unpack and then i get to relax. i am so excited. now that we are in the new house dh said that he would call if he can which isnt definate but at least it is something and he is going to starting sending dvd's of him reading home for the lil man of the house and he is going to buy me a camera so i can send him pictures of lil man. he has grown 2 inches and 1 lb and has 2 teeth since dh left a little over a month ago. he is getting so fustrated on ship because they have taken all ports away and the tiger cruise. the are going to their mission area and then coming home. it is going to be a long spring and summer but i know being away from him this long is just going to make homecoming that much sweeter. sometimes i really wish that he were here though. its not easy trying to get the baby to sleep in his crib. he wakes up when he hits the mattress and will scream for 30 minutes before i pick him up calm him down and repeat. finally after a few hours he either sleeps in his car seat or on my. dh always got him to sleep in his crib until my parents came out here and by the time we got home from visiting them he would be fast asleep and we didnt want to wake him so we left him. the first month with out dh went by kinda fast but now it just seems like a day is a month and things are just getting slower and more hectic. the fsg only meet 2 times a month and everyone i know works during the day so i usually go days with out interaction with other adults and i can let dh that i am starting to somewhat break becase he will take it as i cant get through this or i am going to leave him which i would never do.his ex fiancee left him during a deployment for another guy and an ex girlfriend did the same so if i say anything now he freaks out thinking he is going to loose me i dont know what to do anymore.
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    Just keep giving that assurance that you guys are family now and you love him

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