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    So my husband told me that all I had to do to get on the waiting list for San Diego is call and tell them. So I did. They tell me I need to send in an application, his orders, and his page 2. The boat told him they had everything taken care of. I am in TN right now.. nowhere near Norfolk. How am I supposed to get the page 2???? Where can I get his orders online??? And also how can I get the application to print out online?? ? The lady on the phone wasn't much help. I am stressed out now and really miss my husband. I really need help. If anyone knows anything, please help
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    do you have somewhere that you can recieve a fax? or have him fed ex overnight the stuff you need

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    he is on a sub .. i don't think he can fax anything. i probably won't even hear from him for a month or so.

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