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Thread: slew of questions..

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    slew of questions..

    Soo. We live in Michigan, and are moving to CA(see pp)
    We now have a 98 Jeep, which is great, but the thought of driving it across country makes me shudder.Especailly with a 9month old baby. that and it has like 110,00 miles on it. He thinks it will make it. right.ACK.
    1. Could we just sell the Jeep here and buy a new car out there?!(would it be very difficult?)
    2.If he drives it, and me and alyssa fly, would they pay for him to drive or for us to fly?
    3. How much would it cost just to ship it?!
    Thanks so much i think i'd be lost w/out you guys!!
    More questions to come!!
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    honestly, if you are planning on buying a new or used car... do it there. the tax that we paid here compared to our home state was a BIG difference.

    we always drove together. as far as i know... you get the travel money that your DH is entitled to rank and family size wise and it's up to you how you use it.

    you pay out of pocket to ship it. all of it. at least i have never heard of the military pay to ship a car unless you are going overseas.
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    I agree. If you are thinking of it now and get something out there. Military will not ship it. On the other hand, it is handy to have two vehicles. You can do more of a dity move. My car when we tranferred from ND to WY had 110,000 and it was an 88. Didn't have a heater that worked very well but she made it.
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    I have to say the best advice was already given. MI prices may be alot cheaper then CA. Also they don't pay just to fly to new duty stations and no they only ship overseas.

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    You can ship the car yourself...To ship my car from RI to WA was about a 1000 bucks

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