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    Ok my husband and I have been married for almost 6 months, he's been TDY just over a month and isn't due back until April. Since he left it doesn't seem like he puts me very high on his list of priorities. The last week every time we have talked he's been really moody and he gets mad at me about everything, mostly things happening there that I have no control over. All I have done since he left is to try to support him and do everything I can for him. He's signed on to the internet right now, and for 20 minutes, he won't talk to me. He's completely ignoring me. It's killing me because I can't help but feel like there's something going on. I don't know what to do because if I ask him if there's anything wrong he always says no. What am I doing wrong?

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    I really don't think there is anything you can do. If he doesn't want to talk...he might have been having a really rough time where he is at and doesn't want to bring you into it. Men are very moody people. They are like PMS with steroids!

    Tell him how you are feeling and then log off. Put it back in his court. If he says there is nothing wrong...take his word for it and try to move on. Try not to overthink it.
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    But my problem is I have known him for so long and we are, well were, so close that I know when something is bothering him. And something isn't right. Where he's at he is doing the same thing, actually less then he was here. They work 3 maybe 4 days a week, then he goes out and drinks and everything. Not caring how I feel about any of it. I have told him how I feel and I get no response, and I have a feeling i'm not going to get one. It's just I don't know what to do, because I am 16 hours away from my family, he's gone, and now he doesn't even seem to care about me at all.
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    you should go and see him and really have a one on one conversation with him. in my experience, this is the hardest bump in the marriage making it over the 6-8 month mark. so if he is ignoring you over the internet or phone, you need to be face to face to confront this. good luck sweety!
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    He's in Japan, I'm in Nebraska. I can't go see him.
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    I don't think anything is really 'goin on'. Some guys get like that when they deploy. I know my DH can sometimes. Their were alot of times I saw him online and we didn't IM. My DH has just learned if he is in a bad mood or had a bad day at work it's better not to talk with me(when he is far away). Try giving him some space maybe this mood will pass.
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    I have been feeling the same way lately!!! It has been driving me absolutely crazy. It's a very lonely feeling....
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    Hang in there hun!
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    I understand that sometimes guys/ppl can get that way BUT there is no excuse for him to ignore you...i cannot stand when guys get excuses made for them. You are his never deserve to be ignored- at least not in my opinion. IMO a man should put his wife's feelings first and a wife should put her husband's feelings first and it should go from there. I knwo things wont be perfect but come on- weeks of treating ur wife poorly is just simply not okay and should not be sorry you are in a frustrating situation.....maybe you can write him an email explaining everything- i will be praying that he realizes his responisibilities as a husband very very soon....

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