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Thread: stupid question

  1. archer613
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    stupid question

    has anybody been to bases where they let you keep big dogs like rotweillers. and they do and you get one, what happens if your next duty station wont let you. any info would help. thank you
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    you just don't move into housing...its simple find a place not on base to live
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    with big dogs of any kind, you have to be careful. there are a lot of housing areas that dont allow them and even on the civilian side that dont either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna View Post
    with big dogs of any kind, you have to be careful. there are a lot of housing areas that dont allow them and even on the civilian side that dont either.
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    We just moves from a place that was taken over by PPV and they had a long list of dogs that were not allowed. If you were already living their it was OK but not for the new ones coming in. Depending on the size and type of dog you may run into other problems elseware, not just on base.
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    Yeah, I agree with the other careful. We aren't living on base but out in town and we have a 110lb dog and a soon to be 50lb puppy. There aren't many apartments that allow dogs over 15 or 20 lbs. We hate our apartment complex but cant move because of this.
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    yeah you just hafta watch civilian and military housin...i think rottie's are normally found on that list for a lot of places...
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    Sounds like you may have to live out in town if they dont allow you to have your dog there, or have your dog stay with a family member that can care for it
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    I don't know about having pets at all with the military lifestyle. I would hate to give up a pet just because we had to transfer overseas.

    When DH got back in we already had a dog and two cats we obtained while civilians. We had a hard time finding rentals that would allow pets, and if they did, they had to be outside pets. We have had to euthanize our cats due to age & illness recently but we still have a dog. We will not get any more pets while in the military so we have more options of where to live and not risk having to give them away, put on someone else to care for or put into quarantine somewhere.
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    dh is staying in the states so that wasn't an issue with us. i know here on the bangor base they explained to us in west housing that they have a "big" dog section and a "small" dog section. the small section has to be under 20lbs and the big dog section is 20lbs and over. they do have mini rotts now that only get to be about 30 lbs i think. they are miniature pinchers and pug mixes. they look just like rotts though. i miss my rottie that i had in TX. if you want to look at them

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