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Thread: kinda worried..???

  1. Kendra23
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    kinda worried..???

    ok so i have a question...ive heard many differant things and im kinda getting a bit worried. Me and my hubby got married over his 10 day leave and he is done with all the training he has in April. Because we got married on his 10 day leave we didnt get to have a proper wedding cememony so i am planning a big ceremony at the end of June. He gonna be able to take leave??? also when does he do that??? how long can he get at a time?? and i am affaid that he might get deployed in the meantime. I talked to his recruiter and he said that he should be able to take leave but i still want to other opinions????

    He is in the Marines
  2. keagsmommy
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    O sweetheart first welcome to the Corps (((OOOOOO-RAH))) second its hit or miss all depends on HOW much time he has for leave & *IF* they will 'approve' it . . . .

    Good luck & I hope you guys can have a nice wedding without him having to get deployed ?!?!

    Where did he graduate boot camp from !?
  3. Banned
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    it's all up to his command that he is with at the time if he can get leave or if he will be deploying.... good luck
  4. Kendra23
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    thanks ...he graduated with Kilo Company in san deigo
  5. keagsmommy
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    Parris Island or San Diego
  6. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    Welcome and sorry to tell you but the other ladies are right. You never know how long or exactly when he can get leave and they can always change their minds.
  7. keagsmommy
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    O jus curious my hubby is a DI at Parris Island

    Leave is a privalege & unfortunatly they can change their mind at the VERY last minute.

    I hope it works out in your favor though

    GOOD LUCK !!!! CONGARTS again
  8. AFWife05
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    Agree with everything the other ladies have said, but I just wanted to say good luck and I hope you get the wedding you both deserve and want! Congrats!

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