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Thread: Moving ?

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    Moving ?

    First of all, I just wanted to let everyone know that my dh was sworn into the Air Force last week!! And for my ?. I was told that storage is paid for when you move, but do they take care of moving stuff for you?? Also, can we do this now with him just being sworn in or do we have to wait for him to go off to BMT or his duty station?? Thanks for the help!
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    I'm not aware of the AF paying for his storage but I know they do take care of the moving stuff for you when you go onto your first duty station atleast that's what they did for my DH
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    They will pay for military storage when you PCS if it is somewhere you cannot take certian things or if when you get to a duty station you do not have space for larger things. You cannot access your items while im NTS and they all come out at once, you can't jsut get part of it.
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    The Air Force only pays for storage if the military member is PCSing OCONUS.
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    The AF will pay for storage if you are being transferred to a duty station and you can't get into housing right away. They will store for 90 days, then you can get an extention (if you are going into housing). Will not store for more then 120 unless it is a very closes time. You have the choice of having them move your stuff, you move it, your both of you move it.

    Hope it helps.

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