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    I am having trouble filling out this moving site. I called a while ago to set up an appointment, but the lady said I had to do it all online. Although, my brother-in-law called not too long ago too and he set everything up on the phone. How do I do this? Do I have to fill out all the stuff on the internet and go to their office for an appointment? Also, how long does it usually take for the movers to come? I have to be out by the end of February.. I am hoping they will be able to come before that. PLEASE help me.. I am quite stressed out about all this.
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    Good luck...wish I was able to help you, but I am getting ready to set up my first web move myself. We called and made an appt for our first so this is all new to me too
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    thanks.. good luck with you too. this is so frustrating. i feel so lost lol. It doesn't help that it is Sunday, so I can't even call. I guess I will do it all tomorrow
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    Also wish I could help I'm getting ready for my first move, at least you can access the smart web website it doesn't like me and I can't get onto it!! Good luck!
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    what all do you need help with...I always set up all of our moves and I just got done doing one so its really fresh in my head.

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