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Thread: Enterprise Schedule...

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    Enterprise Schedule...

    Hi ladies. I was wondering if anyone has heard about the new schedule for the Enterprise? I talked to DB very briefly today and he said that they are going to be going out a LOT in the next year. Has anyone else heard this? Do you think that it's a plan that will change in the next days/weeks? How are all of you doing?
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    This is something that was put out to us last July during the deployment. Actually, last April my husband was in a AOM and it was in the works then. It's known as a surge cruise and they will be doing regular workups as well as leaving for quite some time. I'm surprised that he just now mentioned it.
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    My dh has told me they are going out a lot this year. It really sucks, seems like we just got them home and they are heading out again.
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    I think it sucks for all of us ...

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    Oh girls, I don't even want to think about it We still have some time, lets enjoy it.

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