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Thread: Should I mention it to him?

  1. alyoung
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    Nutts Should I mention it to him?

    Ok my husband and I got married in August of last year. My parents and a few close friends are the only ones who know. His parents think we are getting married, because well they would have had a huge fit it we had just told them we went and got married. We are planning a wedding for August of 2007. Money is kinda tight, I'm sure alot of you understand that. Well we are traveling from nebraska to Ohio in June for his brother's graduation. Then again in August for the wedding. My mom mentioned to me today about having the wedding the end of May or beginning of June instead of making two trips home so close together. I'm really not sure how he would feel about it because August 15th, is a day that's been important to us since we first met. My husband is TDY right now and I get to talk to him about every other day. Do yall think I should mention the idea to him or just not worry about it? Because when it comes to expenses it would cut back a lot but I also know the day is important.

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    Well I would mention it. Your mom is making sense though. When dh and I got married he wanted to do it in April. My dh is from Nebraska and we are stationed in California. So he wanted to go home for Christmas and then turn around a few months later to drive ALL the way back there again just to get married. So we moved the wedding to December 21st. Got married and had Christmas with his family a few days after that.

    IMO it makes alot of sense to do it at the same time it will save alot of money.
  3. MRussell
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    I agree, talk with him about it. It makes sense to do it that way, you save money and a lot of grieft that comes with two trips. Maybe on Aug. 15th you could book a hotel suite and make a special night of it.
  4. Happy wife...happy life!
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    I agree, bring it up to him to see what he thinks.
  5. AFWife05
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    It can't hurt to open up to him. What if you keep it the day you have right now in August and later down the road you bring up this "situation" in conversation and he says, "well baby, we could have done that to make things easier on everyone." Then you'll end up kicking yourself for not talking about it! Then on the other hand, it's still your wedding day and family has to understand that too! I think in the end, everything will work out for the best! Talk to him though....that's your best friend and you shouldn't have to even think twice about it. Good Luck!!
  6. LaurenOC
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    It wont hurt to tell him. Goodluck
  7. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    Just tell him it wont hurt just to ask and see what he thinks.
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    I agree. i would just mention it and see what he thinks. It wont hurt to ask.
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    I agree agree aree with everyone else! Good luck!
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  10. Leticia
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    i would mention matter what that day will be'll just have another special day
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