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Thread: more questions about home buying, reliability, and options.

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    more questions about home buying, reliability, and options.

    Are all sites that list homes for sale reliable?

    For instance, What are the credentials for a website that lists houses for sale that I should look for? Or is there no difference?

    I realllly am trying to work with my husband on this one. I REALLY AM. (He wants to buy a house in the middle of the desert ...Twentynine Palms, CA)

    now if I decide to get on board with him, are there options that we have if this house doesn't sell OR rent out in time when we go to PCS out in the years to come?

    I am VERY skeptical because the majority of military families don't trust the "townies" or "town" out in 29palms, and so to have to earn someones trust to rent it out or sell it might be very hard. There has to be some kind of statistic out there to prove this to my husband I just don't know how to find it. families would much rather shell out their entire BAH to housing than to risk living out in town. (lots of registered sex offenders, and people like to think it's a meth town.)
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    the houses listed on the sites like and all pull from the MLSes.
    and are pretty reliable- my fav sight is Trulia - Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Sold Properties, Apartments for Rent

    there is almost no assistance if you cannot sell or rent. there is the HAP program but you had to have bought before 7/06 to qualify.

    buying a house while AD is a risk and you will have to weigh those risks yourself to decide what is best for you.

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