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Thread: New London Naval Base Housing ?s

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    New London Naval Base Housing ?s

    My DF and I are getting married after he graduates AIT on Wednesday and comes home on leave for two and a half weeks (*happy dance!!*) and in a few months I'll be joining him on base. I have a couple of questions and he feels like he's bugged his advisor enough as it is, haha.

    Pets? Does anyone have pets in on-base housing, and what kinds can we have if any?

    Plants? Does someone else do the landscaping or is a garden allowed?

    Does anybody have pics of the New London base housing? I'd really appreciate it, I'm so excited to move but I have so many questions! Thanks for your help!
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    The Navy base is called Sub base NLON, but it is actually in groton.

    The housing is off base. They allow pets, but I believe there are certain breed restrictions, and an animal limit.

    There are several different places to live as far as housing goes. Most of it was just redone, but there are still places that are older. For the most part they have townhome styles. Some have garages and some have carports.

    There should be more information on housing on the Sub base NLON website.

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