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Thread: Going home while hubby is deployed.

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    Roll Eyes Going home while hubby is deployed.

    My husband and I are currently stationed in Alaska. We should be PCSing in the fall of next year, but my husband will deploy in May so we will be stuck here through the deployment.

    Is there a way I can go home. Get my benefits and such for utah rather than here. I know I will lose housing but we are PCSing so soon after he gets back that really is not that big of a deal to me. I would just still need my housing allowance and be able to take my daughter to the doctor all that.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?


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    Yes. I'm sure others that share your service affiliation can walk you through the best way to do it.
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    The only thing that will transfer is medical but you have to contact tricare to ensure they put you in the system for Utah.

    Your husband's BAH rate and all that will stay based on his assignment to Alaska. Him deploying and you going to visit does not equal automatic loss of base housing. He will have to go in give notice etc and do all that comes with moving out of base housing. And only than will he get BAH instead of it going to housing. But you will have to find a place to put all your stuff in storage if you do that because the Army is not going to move everyone/thing until his orders are up. You to move will be on your dime.

    Good luck.
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    you can transfer the medical and move- but the BAH will be for AK. they will not pay to move you and you will have to check out of housing and pay to put your stuff in storage.
    you will also lose the AK COLA with dependants- your DH will still get the w/o rate but when you leave for 30 days or longer you will lose the cola.


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