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Thread: waiting......

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    Jump for Joy waiting......

    for something to eff up or go wrong with this PCS. we got our EFMP appointment today (next month BTW, still 6 months from departure), passports should be a breeze. i'm just waiting for the army to mess something up and throw my perfect game out of whack ..... we'll see..

    praying that everything continues to go this smooth
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    I hear ya...we're TDYing enroute to PCSing...and there givine me a hard time...I tried to get EFMP done...but they can't get me in till 3 weeks from now and then told us it would take 3 weeks for the paper work to be done...but we're TDYing a week after my ugh...they stress me out...oh least our TDY is not far
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    i am so not looking forward facing that...

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