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Thread: Traveling with our dog

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    Traveling with our dog

    Ugh! I thought today was going to be a really good day for us since we officially got all of our travel information (tickets, etc). Then I found out that all airlines now have an embargo (most are no pets flying at baggage between may 15 and sept 15 and United is June 1 & Sept 30) in place regarding dogs flying as checked baggage. Our dog is a huge part of our family and is huge in general (91 lbs, so not an option to bring him in the cabin). Apparently because we are military and traveling from a foreign place, Hawaii or Alaska to the continental US we are exempt from the embargo. BUT Duke is an American Bulldog, so a snub nose dog. So now they say we can't travel with him if any portion of our trip has forecasted temperatures of 70 degrees or more. HELLO, it's Hawaii, it's hardly ever below 70 degrees even at 1am! All of the cargo places have these same rules. I just can't imagine getting rid of him.

    I don't even know what I'm looking for, ugh.

    Any advice???
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    Your vet can make a discretionary call and put on his health certificate that he can withstand temps up to a certain degree. Also, I believe that Continental has the Pet Express that doesn't have an embargo. Your other choice is to ask a friend or family member to keep him until September and send him then. We have a Shar-pei mix and the vet just had to put a note on the health certificate that she could withstand temps to freezing and up to 89 or whatever the forecasted high in Honolulu was for that day. I do believe some airlines won't ship brachycephalic dogs any time of year.

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