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Thread: how much time do they give you to prepare for a PCS to Japan???

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    how much time do they give you to prepare for a PCS to Japan???

    hello how much time does the air force give you to pcs to another country? ( to get the checklish, physicals, passports,visas etc) kadena, japan?? my husband will be home from tech school in 4 wks. 2 wks on the recruiters assistance program, then hopefully leave for 1 or 2 weeks. after his leave will they really expect us to pcs to japan?? we will only have less than a month to complete everything. thank you.
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    Does he have his orders already? If so, the date that says is his report no later than date is the day he has to be there by. And yes, they will expect everything to be done by then. For him for sure and for you to be on his orders you will have to get your clearances.
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    I'll ask my sister, as they were stationed there for 3 years to Yokota Air Base.
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    He will need to be there by his RNLT (Report No Later Than) date. You might have to follow after him if all your paperwork is not complete. I would suggest he take only 1 week of leave rather than 2 because if he takes 2 weeks he will use up all his leave and he might want to have some to use in Japan, especially if you end up having to travel separately.
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    I've seen people do it in three weeks to a month.

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