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Thread: Our first move; how does it work??

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    Our first move; how does it work??

    Hi there. My husband is in Tech School at Sheppard AFB, TX until July 27. I live about 3 blocks off base in a furnished apartment. Basically everything we have in our apartment we can fit in our jeep so when he gets leave we're going to pack the jeep up and drive home to NC where I want to have the military ship us from because we have A LOT of furniture there. We're going to Hurlburt Field AFB, FL.

    I need someone to walk me through how we get home, get our stuff moved to FL, how we get to FL, and then how we get settled/find a house, and who pays the expenses???

    Thanks for any responses in advance. I hope this makes sense ...
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    OK I am assuming NC is his HOR. You will have to pay for the trip home out of pocket. Once he has his hard copy orders, he will have to go to TMO and set everything up. There is several ways you can move: Military, DITY or partial DITY. He will have to decide. As far as housing, if you are going to be living onbase, once he has orders (you won't be ablet o do anything without hard copy orders), he can go into housing, fill in the paperwork and they will fax it off for you.

    As far as travel expenses, you can try to get an advance (you will only recieve a % as an advance), or you can pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed once you arrive in FL.

    Check out the stickies in the Move&Relocation forum, there are PCS checklists as well. They will really help you out

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