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Thread: Possibly moving to Fort Rucker...

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    Possibly moving to Fort Rucker...

    Training at Fort Rucker is definitely in the near future for my DB. We haven't discussed any sort of visiting or living situation while he's there, but I would like to get an idea of what to expect should I move there with him and be living off-post. The most I got out of him when there was a brief mention of Fort Rucker in passing conversation was basically, "It's in the middle of nowhere." Haha, I believe it!

    Any advice or suggestions as to the cities or towns in the area would be much appreciated, or just anything at all about Fort Rucker itself. Thanks!
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    Sorry I just saw this. My boyfriend is there right now. Unfortunately IT is in the middle of nowhere. He is living in Enterprise. Is your SO going through WOC school??

    I'm a suburbs-kinda girl so it was a huge change just visiting. All there was to do was go to Walmart. But you aren't THAT far from the beach. We're meeting in Pensacola next time I see him.
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    I'm from about 30 miles away from there and my SO just finished flight school there--Chinooks and now is in Dothan finishing up C-12s so any questions you have feel free to ask. Only good think is that the beach is so close. Pretty good community over there though...... usually easy to make friends.

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