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Thread: Moving to Hawaii in June...

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    Moving to Hawaii in June...

    Just a soldier and spouse...

    What housing areas should we hope for?

    Husbands work is close to Whitmore Village.
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    We're Navy so IDK much about Schofield but my friend and her husband are stationed over there and she said that pretty much all the housing is nice... here is the link to the Army Housing site for Schofield... I guess it's just personal preference.. sorry this doesn't help much

    Our communities | Army Hawaii Community Homes
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    Hubs and I are moving to Hawaii in June, too. As far as we know, we'll be at Shafter, but his orders are kinda open-ended. We're looking at off-post housing, community named The Waterfront at Pu'uloa. The property looks amazing and almost everyone I've talked to that lives or has lived there, loves it! Other than that, might check AHRN for any housing ideas. Good luck!

    The Waterfront at Pu'uloa

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