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Thread: Does ASK ever reset itself?

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    Does ASK ever reset itself?

    My DH has been having lots of screw ups with his training, orders, etc. lately but he just got to Airborne school after dropping a Ranger contract, so he put in his preferences for a few places like Bragg, Carson, etc. I just logged in to look, and his assignment instructions for Benning are gone, which is from dropping RIP, but now all his preferences are gone, except one, to Korea. Does it ever reset like that or did he probably request it? I know he requested it before, but changed his mind. I'm not able to get ahold of him right now, otherwise I'd ask. I also noticed, there used to be a tab that said "Volunteer" which listed Korea and stuff and he never did anything with that. Now when I click on it, nothing comes up. Just keeps taking me back to the Preference page.
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    DH's ASK completely changed without him doing anything to it. When he checked it, Alaska was listed 3 times, Bragg twice and Drum. All places he never wants to go. No idea why it changed though.

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