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Thread: Getting HHG moved without orders

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    Help Getting HHG moved without orders

    Does anyone know any way to get your stuff moved without having the hard copy orders, he has the verbals but he is gone until he PCS's.
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    First welcome, when you get a chance please introduce yourself in the newbies section and read the stickies.

    As to your question, honestly, if you do anything without hard copy orders, it will be all out of pocket as the orders can change last minute. He will be able to get the orders and email/fax or send you a copy with POA so you can set everything up, DH and I are doing that as he is at school at the moment and doesn't get back till like 2 weeks before our final out. We have also been through a quick PCS before (recieved verbal orders and final outed less than 2 weeks later), TMO and that are used to dealing with things like that. I understand that you are anxious and want to get thngs done, but it is best to wait for the hard copies.

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    What Sandy said.

    And if you move your stuff to one location and his orders get changed, they won't move your stuff from where you moved it to, but still from the duty station he is leaving. Which means you would again have to out of pocket pay for your items to move back to that base. And neither would be reimbursed.
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    You're going to have to wait until he gets hard copies of his orders if you want it funded by the Navy... he may need to be the squeaky wheel, KWIM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowCrystal View Post
    You're going to have to wait until he gets hard copies of his orders if you want it funded by the Navy... he may need to be the squeaky wheel, KWIM?
    ditto....if you want the navy to do it, i don't think they will touch it.
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    actually there is a way to get a move paid for before orders are cut- BUT it is risky and could be costly. they can do it but if the orders are cancelled or change the member is repsonsible for all costs that were paid ---here's the rule:

    C. Travel before an Authorization/Order Is Issued. A member authorized dependent travel and transportation
    allowances is authorized the allowances in par. U5201-A for a dependent’s travel performed during the period
    before a PCS authorization/order is issued and after the member is advised that such an authorization/order would be
    issued. General information furnished to the member concerning authorization/order issuance before the
    determination is made to actually issue the authorization/order (such as time of eventual release from active duty,
    time of service term expiration, retirement eligibility date, and expected rotation date from OCONUS duty) is not
    advice that the an authorization/order is to be issued (52 Comp. Gen. 769 (1973)). Any voucher must be supported
    by a statement by the PCS AO or a designated representative, that the member was advised IAW the requirements of
    par. U5201-C. Par. U5201-C does not apply to the travel contemplated in pars. U5240, U5900, and U6004.
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    Be careful with moving stuff without the orders..Our orders have been changed at the last minute before we had hard copies!!! All of us who have been in awhile have done more than one move without our DH around to help.....
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    Call the base he is stationed to, and ask someone, that's what I did, and they were able to email them to me, but I had to show proof of POA. Good Luck
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