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Thread: DLA for PCS....again?

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    DLA for PCS....again?

    Ok, so I found that you can only get DLA for a PCS once per fiscal year UNLESS

    "Secretary concerned determines Service exigencies require more than one PCS during the current fiscal year."

    Anyone have any idea what this actually means? My husband and I PCS'ed from CA to VA in October for USMC TBS (beginning of 2010 fiscal year) and we are being relocated to FL for flight school early this summer (before the fiscal year ends). Both moves will be full PCS moves and not considered TDY. I think we have really bad timing...but am hoping to find a "loophole" since our next move won't be for a couple years.
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    you should get the DLA- the loop hole is there to cover those in schools that are less than 9 months long.

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