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Thread: Sigonella?

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    Hello Sigonella?

    My husband and I are trying to pick orders now, and Sigonella is one of our options. We are very excited but have no idea how anything is moving over seas. If anyone has any information about Sigonella and moving there that would be wonderful! A few questions I have would be... 1. Vehicles? My husband just bought an F250 Diesel. Will that be ok to bring over there? If not, is there any way to get rid of it quickly without losing lots of money? 2. We have 2 dogs... How does transporting them go and are they allowed? 3. What is housing like over there... Size, Expense etc. I am not sure if military housing is available? We have never lived in military housing so rules and such would be great. If we can not get into military housing any suggestions on where to live? Also, are there any strange customs when it comes to renting a house over there? 4. Clothes.. Do they come in our sizes or do many items need to be ordered and shipped? 5. How expensive is everything and does the military compensation make up for things if there is a huge difference? 6. Is it hard for spouses to find jobs/go to school? These are my questions for now LOL if you have any other helpful information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    I just got here yesterday so I don't know much but I can answer what I do know.
    We moved our two cats with us too and this was the most stressful part of the whole move. Lots of paper work and money spent and no one had a straight answer on what we really needed to do to bring the cats here. The only ones with the straight answer was the USDA.
    You are allow two pets in housing.
    The Navy only pays for one car to be shipped and an F250 sounds HUGE here LOL I have an Exterra and they were telling me how huge my car would be here too lol
    As far as jobs I'm pretty sure you would only be able to work on base but that's what I'm thinking. It would be cool otherwise but I think only on base. School you could always do online and I think there is some college classes you could do on base too.

    We will be doing indoc this week so later on I could probably help you some more
    Good luck! and let me know if you guys do get the orders and I sure will try to help you as much as I can.
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    The F-250 is way to big for over there. If you do ship it then def buy a small vehicle when you get there. The F-250 will not be able to into some of the streets in the nearby towns.

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