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Thread: BAUMHOLDER GERMANY-need advice for friend

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    Question BAUMHOLDER GERMANY-need advice for friend

    Hey gals. I have a really good friend that has been relocated to Baumholder Germany. She is having a really hard time adjusting from Alabama to there. She is preggo and her dr is 45 minutes away she says it costs 75 euros to get to her dr and i just feel super bad for there any advice anyone can give me to relay to her????? She says there is an OB that comes to the post once a month but has no ultrasound machine. are there any ladies out there that can help a little??

    my wonderful, sweet husband is home!!!
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    It costs 75 euro to get there?? how is that possible? she gets gas on post (dollar prices)... 45 mins is pretty long but its only once a month! Did she find any friends? does she live on post?
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    I'm also curious as to the 75 Euros. Is she taking a taxi? For that cost she could save up the money and get a "beater" car for about $300 at the Lemon lot on post. Then she could drive herself there.

    She can also get involved with the Volunteer Organization on post. there she would be able to meet people and start finding some friends. MWR often sets up trips that she could go on. They also have information about happenings on base and around the community of Idar-Oberstein. Tell her to go find the craft shops (scrapbooking, jewelry, ceramics etc). The classes are fun and another opportunity to make friends. If she wants to take some college classes there are lots of opportunities to do that as well. there are also classes given for parents to be (New Parent Support Program) that she could join in with to meet others who are expecting and form some friendships.

    Yes the lifestyle is a bit different but she can make it an adventure *smile*.

    Let us know if she has something she wants to know about in detail. My dd has been in Germany for 3 years now. I can email her and she can give me info since she has been in Grafenwöhr/Vilseck and Baumholder. She is busy as a full-time student over there so it might take a couple days for and answer but I'd be happy to help if I can. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE

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