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Thread: Ft. Shafter Housing - please help!

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    Help Ft. Shafter Housing - please help!

    So, hubs re-enlisted for a PCS to HI...and...yay, we got it! Come June, Hawaii will be ours!

    My question is: does anyone live on-base at Ft. Shafter? If so, how is dealing with housing? How are the houses? IYHO, would it be worth dropping BAH to live on-post or should we look off-post? Also, what is the current BAH over there? We haven't done our lovely "informative" briefing yet so any help would be wonderful!

    If anyone lives on-post and has pictures, I'd be most interested in seeing what the housing looks like and such!
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    As far as I know, most of Shafter's housing is closed for renovations currently, but you can live at AMR, it's just one exit away. The housing there is VERY nice. You also have the option of checking with Forest City (Pearl Harbor) and Hickam. Most of AMR is done with the renovations.
    Army Hawaii Community Homes
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    I'm on Hickam, and it's okay. Our housing is semi-new, but it's nothing compared to the Navy and AMR housing.

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