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Thread: overseas questions but baby question also.

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    overseas questions but baby question also.

    Im 6 months pregnant my husband keeps telling me ill be in Okinawa with him before 32 weeks which is April 25th because im waiting for everything to get approved but the on base housing is full so idk if that means we will have to wait longer to find housing because i dont want to be stuck in a hotel about to have a baby. If i was to have her in the states how long would i have to wait to move overseas and what procedures would i have to do in order to move over there ASAP with her? Also to get a dr to I have to register in the baby center or whatever at the hospital before they assign me a dr if i do go before shes born?
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    Hum, I dont blame you for not wanting to be in a hotel, but you have to remember the baby will be doing nothing much besides, sleeping eating and pooping in the beginning to space isnt really an issue.

    As far as having the baby in the states, most airlines .... as well as doctors .... dont want to you to travel until after 6 weeks. So you have to find out from your OB doctor what they would recommend, and also it may be soley based upon the airline you fly on.

    I dont know, honestly....I have had 3 children now, and I cant imagine not being w/ my husband through the first several is a true adjustment period, especially if this is your first child. You will def want him there to help out as much as possible.

    I was actually pregnant when we pcs'd last time, and what they did was they gave me a list of doctors that were tricare we were moving back to state side mind you.....and I was able to call and set up a few "consultations" ahead of time so that when we got there I had an appt a few days later.

    If you are going overseas, u will see whoever. I would say call ahead to the clinic, let them know how far along you will be, and see if they can preschedule an appt for when u will be there.

    Most of the time, when you get to the last few weeks of the pregnancy (i say from experience as well since i am an ob nurse) that clinic has times they can "fit" appts in. Remember you will be doing weekly appts towards the end, so if you came in today for an appt, then I know you will need an appt for next wk, therefore we have alloted for such scheduling. I would say if you called even the day you arrived you should be able to be seen within a week or so, def by the time your next appt would be.

    Hope this all helps, and I know how stressful a pcs can be when pregnant.

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