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Thread: moving to gulfport

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    moving to gulfport

    So my husband is a seabee in the navy and he graduates school this month He just received his orders and were moving to Gulfport, Mississippi. So I was just wondering if any of you ladies are familiar with the area or has anyone else lived/live there? I've never been and I haven't heard much about the area. I'm just really nervous I've never been away from home I've lived here in florida my whole life!
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    I haven't lived there in years and most certainly not since Katrina so I am sure unless someone is there now (and I believe there are) things are kinda different. Katrina hit the coast of Mississippi harder than any other state.
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    Hi there I've never been there before, but my SO and I are moving there this summer, so I wanted to say hi I've lived in CA my whole life so I'm a lil nervous about the move as well, but I've heard it's a pretty cool and friendly place
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    I have a friend that lived near there when she was in the AF, and she really liked it! "Its not WHERE, but WHO you're with that really matters".
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    My DF lives there now and i lived with him over the summer. It is kind of neat because like it is like 4 cities really close to each other. If you like seafood then you have to try blow fly Inn!! It is so delicious! Are you living on base? If you arent then you should definitely live in biloxi. Its a bit nicer than gulfport. If you have any other questions just feel free to ask!

    I love him forever and always!!!

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