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Thread: PCS to Hawaii

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    PCS to Hawaii

    We are PCSing to Hawaii. Does anyone know what travel pay we will get? I'm nervous about it. Thanks
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    Oh how I miss Hawaii!

    We were stationed there for 4 years..Oahu Hawaii. We got the usual TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) for two weeks and the 10 day house hunting adventure...but we had too actually pay out of pocket a little bit after our TLA ended...we had not found a house yet.

    We also had a little stack of coupons given to us by our command before we left, and we were able to use those for food, but of course you run out of those. Have some money saved at least....just in case.

    We stayed in the hotel right next to the Honolulu Airport, my husband had to actually walk to the first car dealership there to buy the first car we had in is of course harder to hunt for houses if you didn't ship a car there.

    You'll have someone from your husbands command that will meet you at the airport...a sponsor. Ours was a great help, he took us to the Hotel, drove us around and so on. He took my husband to work as well. The Bus transportation system in the best.

    We lived in Pearl City Housing first...not bad. Then we moved into the Historical Ford Island Housing....beautiful new Housing there. Hawaii was a great experience for us, I would go back in a heart beat.

    You have some ladies in here that are either there now or have been there before as well, they'll come in I'm sure, and give you more info.

    Take a peak here if you like the Hotel we stayed at was the Ohana Honolulu Airport Hotel...not great...but decent.

    What Base are you heading too? Pearl Harbor? Hickam? Schofield?

    I miss the Beach with such a passion...lord.
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    for the travel pay you will get 75% of one days per diem per person for the day of the flight , DLA , TLE and TLA.

    this is for most cases...

    you will also get TDY malt for driving your vehicle to the nearest shipping port to ship it to HI.
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    I would try to get advance DLA, because a lot of the hotels want to be paid in advance, and then the TLA pays to you now. At least, that's how the Navy does things. We stayed in a two room suite with kitchenette at the Navy Lodge. It was gorgeous, we loved it, and will be staying there again if we ever have to leave. If you are Army, I *believe* they need you to try to stay at the Schofield Inn first, and if they are full get a Statement of Non-Availability to stay elsewhere. I'm not sure about the AF or Marines. All of the branches have new housing, and it's fairly easy to get in if you aren't terribly picky about your housing. Good luck with your PCS.
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    Thanks for the info everybody. We will be stationed at Schofield

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