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Thread: Hopefully my last question lol..

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    Hopefully my last question lol..

    Okay I have one more question (thank you all for helping & anwering me) if we are medically cleared and the kids passports and mine are done, and I go home for about a month or so before DH's final out from this base will that cause a lot of problems? I just want my family to get to spend a lot of time with the kiddos before we go a lot of them haven't even met DS yet. I was just wonder if once we're medically cleared and passports done if they would need the kids and I for anything else, or if we're in the clear.


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    you should be in the clear!
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    We always spend a month visiting family before moving overseas, that way out HHGs get a head start before we get there...oh, yea...we see family, too!

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