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Thread: Info about Lejeune?!

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    Info about Lejeune?!

    What are the neighborhoods like?
    Which town do you live in?
    Would you rather live on base? Is on base housing nice?
    Best hospitals in the area? I'm a nurse, I need a job haha.
    What's the average cost of rent?
    Do you commute let's say for halfway between Jacksonville and Wilmington?
    Halfway between Jacksonville and Moorehead City?

    Sorry for the interrogation Lejeune ladies.
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    What are the neighborhoods like?

    Just like any town, some of them are nice and some are really shitty.

    Which town do you live in?


    Would you rather live on base? Is on base housing nice?

    Off base... it's way less expensive than BAH is. The new base housing on TT are really really nice, though

    Best hospitals in the area? I'm a nurse, I need a job haha.

    There's LOTS of opportunity for nurses here.

    What's the average cost of rent?

    I've only lived in apartments here, but a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment is anywhere from 750-900, depending on where you live.

    Do you commute let's say for halfway between Jacksonville and Wilmington?

    I don't, but I wouldn't want to. I guess if you worked in Jville it wouldn't be so bad, but for your SO the commute would SUCK, especially with traffic getting on and off base.

    Halfway between Jacksonville and Moorehead City?

    See above.
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    Hi there!

    I have lived here in Jacksonville for almost two years. Two years too long if you ask me : As far as neighborhoods go: anything near the New River area of Jacksonville should usually avoided. I am not saying that it's all bad but generally that's where I have seen the most craziness. Piney Green is nice, a little out of the way and there are some nice houses in the Gumbranch area.

    I personally live on TT2. We have a SUPER nice house. It's brand new and we are the only people who have lived in it. Wood floors, all appliances except washer/dryer. Master bedroom's great! We only waited 3 months for our house that was a plus.

    I have only been to the Naval Hospital but I did have my son there and it was a really nice experience! My husband is a corpsman there and he says there is ALWAYS opportunities for nurses, if not at the Naval Hospital, there is a good sized hospital in Jacksonville.

    I think BAH went up to a thousand this year...that could get you a nice place if you look carefully. I would stay away from apartments only because they seem to charge you more than renting a house. We lived in an apartment while waiting for housing...definately not worth our money. We have 2 boys so it makes more sense money wise for us to live on base

    Wilmington is about an hour away so as the other poster said, I personally wouldn't make the commute. I don't think it would be so bad to Morehead City but traffic during rush hour here is ridiculous.

    I hope that helped a little and welcome to NC!
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    I agree with pretty much everything the previous poster said. =) I would look in the piney green area or hubert or swansboro. Traffic getting on base in the morning coming from Jacksonville is HORRIBLE!!! We live on base in midway park and I love it. Yeah, we give up all our BAH but it's worth it to us.

    The other hospital in the area is Onslow Memorial Hospital. Good luck on finding a job.
    I'd go to to get an idea of the houses for rent in the area, but warning houses for rent aren't really available that long.
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    OMG I was in your position last year! What I have found is listen to the user reviews if you are thinking about renting an apartment! There will be one or two out there with a good price, but remember they are that cheap for a reason! Personally Jax scares me, it's so big and busy, but i'm from a very small country town so if your city has more than three red lights, you'll be fine, lol. Check out near piney green, it's past all the hustle and bustle of Jax but on the opp. side of the gate, so his commute will be the same length if not quicker. MillitaryRelocator is a great Realtor for that area :]
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    I have lived here for over 3 years. I currently live in Richlands, just north of Jacksonville. I like Richlands because its a very small town with a quick commute to Jacksonville. My husband works on the Air Station though, so he isn't having to drive the whole way to Lejeune every morning. (It takes me about 40 min to drive to Lejeune with traffic in the mornings). We have lived in two different places off base. We currently rent a new construction 2bd/2bth duplex for $725. Most apartments in Jacksonville start at around that price for a 1 bedroom, so consider renting a house if you want to live off base. There are a lot of double-wide mobile homes for rent, and they usually rent for about $750-$950 depending on the area, size, and how new they are.

    If your hubby will be working on the Air Station, I suggest looking for rentals in the Southwest area or Richlands. If he will be working on Lejeune, consider Gumbranch, Northwoods, or Piney Green. Its pretty easy to find housing here once you get here. We found housing within a week of PCSing here, and then after my husband deployed, we found housing within 3 days of his return.

    If you want to get into base housing, look into the apartments in town. A lot will rent short term, so that you aren't stuck in a lease when base housing becomes available.

    As far as commuting to Wilmington, if you were to live south of Lejeune near Holly Ridge or Sneads Ferry, then you would be a bit closer to Wilmington, but its still a bit of a drive. Probably would take you an hour from that side of base.

    Hope this helps some.
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    My hubby works on lejeune and we live out in the southwest area. Our house was built in 2003 and we pay 850/month. Its a three bedroom, two bath. We love living out in this area. Our neighborhood is mostly SNCO's and Officers.

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    we've been here in jacksonville for a little over 5 years we lived on the southwest side of town close to richlands and the airstation, we lived on piney green road close to the mall and lejeune, and right now we are living right off gumbranch rd halfway between both new river airstation and lejuene. the base housing is nice on tt it only for e-1 to e-5i would look at getting a realtor or looking on to find a place to live and get a look at what rent is going to cost. we're in a 2 bedroom 2 bath duplex for 675 the places right next door to me are going for 750 a month. also has a website that has rentals and homes for sale. anywhere around hargett st. you want to stay away from it.
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    I was in the same position a few months ago too.
    My DH and I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fairly new apartment around Piney Green and we only pay about $700. The neighborhood is pretty quiet and really safe. I love it!

    I've looked at pretty much every apartment complex in Jville and the apartment we live in now is really the best one in the safest neighborhood for a decent price.
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    keep in mind that if you choose to live on base they take all of the funding that you would get for BAH to live out in town away from wouldn't see any of it. You may also have to still pay a partial utility if you go over a certain amount that they pay....was in a marine times i think in 07 or 08 that i read....and base housing has a long waiting list as they are renovating and rebuilding housing on tt1 tt2 and midway park...
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