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Thread: Moving Overseas

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    Moving Overseas

    We are moving overseas in a few months and I am totally lost on moving overseas . I have moved 4 times in the last 3 years at our current duty station (for whatever reason we've continually been bounced around houses here), so I definitely consider myself a pro on how to move, however I've NEVER moved overseas. He has moved from overseas to here but never the other way around. I have all the paperwork and everything on what goes and what doesn't go but I was just curious what you all actually move and don't move without regard to the list. Now I definitely know not to move food and cleaning supplies but what about candles and nail polish and stuff like that. Have you guys really thrown all of your stuff away/given it away because they say you can't pack it?!? My husband had candles and stuff like that shipped here from Japan so I would assume it would be ok to ship it some where else too. I just find it frustrating all the things I have to get rid of before I leave ie: food, nail polish, candles, cleaning supplies etc etc Just thought I'd see what everyone else has done or suggests. Thanks!!
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    I was going to give away my candles and nail polish to my former roommate... but when the movers came they packed them right up without me even realizing it. It was our 1st PSC so I didn't know how quickly the movers worked. I'm not sure about the other stuff. I have talked to a bunch of people who have left here (Italy) and they had the movers pack up over 50 bottles of wine with their household goods, which I didn't think you were allowed to do. I don't know if that is helpful at all... just mine own personal experience. Good Luck with your PSC!!!
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    It will all depend on the moving company. Our movers packed any food and spices that were unopened or in a sealed container that wouldn't open in the move. Anything perishable or what was opened they wouldn't pack. They packed candles and cleaning supplies too, as long as it was a spray bottle or a lid that wouldn't make a mess. When you do your initial walk-through with the appraiser from the moving company they should tell you what their company is willing to ship or not.
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    We've been to Japan and back, to Germany and back, and Hawaii and back, so we've moved overseas quite a few's my 2 cents.

    Wine: we have wine from 8 moves ago. It's considered 'cooking wine' and padded and boxed right along with everything else. It is our risk to ship it really, what would happen if they broke and it's in a crate with our couch or clothes? Yikes. We've been lucky with it so far.....frankly it's probably not good anymore!

    Other household items: nail polish remover I would not ship, it's really flammable. Nail polish I've mailed all over the world. It's still flammable, so why I ship it, I don't know. Candles, take 'em. Wrap them individually in paper towels or wax paper, then seal them in a ziploc (your BEST FRIEND is a ziploc bag!). It's possible they can melt if exposed to extreme temps, so they'll be fine wrapped. Spices again, double baggie in ziplocs, they'll be fine. Your risk here is they may attract vermin (yes, all ships/warehouses have rats). I know people whose boxes and clothes were eaten through and ravaged by rats. Blech! Other food, peanut butter, canned food, etc. I take if it's still in the sealed container from the grocery store. A sealed box of cereal I would probably leave....again, too easy for the rats to get in.

    Cleaning supplies, leave it. It's not worth the chemicals spilling all over your furniture or clothes. Plus the fumes from some chemicals can start fires on their own, totally not worth that risk.

    Lastly, when you move overseas, everything will be packed in crates. It is packed for density....meaning... things are stuffed in drawers then sealed in it, not removed and boxed. It IS frustrating to purge and throw away all that stuff, but use your best judgement.

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