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Thread: What comes from out of pocket?

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    What comes from out of pocket?

    This will be our first PCS and we are going overseas. I'm wondering what do we have to pay from out of pocket or in advance and then get reimburse? I'm trying to get an idea of our expenses for this move.
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    We have not PCS overseas yet but I know when we were transfered here to Texas we were reimbursed for all of our gas to drive here, our food, and hotel rooms until we moved in our house. We did not move any of our stuff ourselves, they packed us out and moved us, so we just needed to get here.

    When do you leave? I saw that you are going to Italy, right? How exciting! We have to pick orders coming up soon too and I would love to go overseas but now with the baby I am a little aprehensive about it.
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    for you- you will only pay for the TLE/TLA - and then get reimbursed.

    you can ask for an advance on the DLA and ME&I and the MIHA ( if applicable).
    you should be entitled to 1 day meals and incedentals- this is less than per diem but is for the cost of food when you flight route is longer than 8 hours.

    you can also get advance TLE/TLA but this is a use it or lose it allowance- so if you want to take this advance take only 1/2 of what you think you will need and then get reimbursed for the balance after.

    so for Over seas moves you are allowed 5 days TLE- take only 2-3 days in advance- if you think you will take all 5- or take 2 if you will use 3-4 days- this will help prevent over payments which lead to pay backs which leads to pay issues.

    for TLA you are allowed up to 60 days- so only take 10-15 days advance if you think it will take 30- 60 and then apply again after the first ten days ( you can pre pay and apply for the reimbursement)

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    Keep your receipts for EVERYTHING! Anything the military does not reimburse you for....shipping your pets, shipping boxes to yourself, etc. You can write off on your taxes as a moving expense. Photocopying/printing multiple copies of your orders for housing, etc. If you buy more food one day than you're allowed on your per diem, obviously that isn't reimbursable. But, expense you would not have otherwise incurred if you didn't move is reimbursable. It really adds up, so keep your receipts!
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