My DH and i are moving to AZ, avondale to be exact or in that general area but we have no idea where to start looking for somewhere to live. We've looked on craiglist but I'm worried about scams and that pretty much extends to our knowledge of find somewhere to online so any recommendations on websites would be extremely helpful. Then comes the area... we are not sure which areas are good areas and which are not so find somewhere to live is proving to be a challenge. any help we be great... we are getting out and maybe moving ourselves so its EXTREMELY stressful plus we are rushing this move since he need to start school in AZ on sept 14 plus we have a furry kid with us. please help if you can... please

please note, all of these questions are generic and will be asked for all locations so some may sound silly. The questions underneath each area are only there to help you think. Please feel free to skip things that don't apply or apply to elaborate on things that I did not mention.

(How is military housing there? Which area did you live in and did you like it? Is it affordable to buy or rent in town and if so what areas would you recommend? Any additional thoughts?)

(Which schools did your kids attend? Did you like them? Did your kids like them? How do you think the school system was overall? Any schools you would recommend over others? Did you go to college while you were there? If so, which college and how did you like it? Any additional thoughts?)

( Do you shop there or out in town? What stores are available out in town? What is the local shopping like? Malls? Any places you recommend? Any additional thoughts?)

Cost of living:
(What is the cost of living like? High? Average? Low? How did it effect your family? Was there anything special you had to do to make ends meet? Any additional thoughts?)

Military Community:
(How is the military community? Are there resources for family and spouses? Any likes or gripes? Additional thoughts?)

(What is there to do in the area for adults? For kids/families? Is there anything within a few hours driving distance?)

(What's the weather like? Mild? Seasonal? Hot? Humid? Rainy? Cold? Are there seasons?)

(Would you go back again? Why or why not? What are your main likes and gripes?)