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Thread: Anyones Else Husband Dragg their Feet

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    Help Anyones Else Husband Dragg their Feet

    My dear dear husband who I LOVE very very much. Is acting like we have months before we move.. NO HONEY WE HAVE 3 WEEKS GET YOUR HINNEY IN GEAR. I'm still trying to pry a blazer out of his hands and transmissions WE do not need. But A man Being a MAN says its his baby,. Ugh I wanna Make him pack his sh** Otherwise I am very very Soon I have a bad tendency to throw things away though. The WHOLE PCS'ing thing BLOws major
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  2. glad to be back.
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    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA thats a man for you. my husband wanted to wait until the last minute to pack his shit before we moved..

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