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Thread: Orders to Ft Eustics VA

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    Orders to Ft Eustics VA

    We just received orders to Ft Eustics VA last night..

    Can anyone help with location as to where to live, best schools, etc. We have a 4yr old that will start PreK here in TX then transfer him to VA..

    lol This is my first PCS out of TX.. Kinda bummed but hope everything will work out..
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    we live about 5 mins from Ft Eustis and it's pretty nice. base housing up there is really nice since they just remodeled it. at least the ones my friend is in. as for off base it depends.

    i don't think we have a public prek program here. i know there's one you can find but it's not open enrollment, they only take so many kids and they base it on factors like income, family status, living situation, location, etc. i'm sure there are private ones that you can pay out of pocket but again limited space. being that it's alreayd into august i imagine they are filled up already.
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