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Thread: PCS Amending?

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    PCS Amending?

    We plan on getting married while he is on leave between finishing OSUT (army) and going to his first post. He'll have his orders before the wedding, so will it be hard for him to get it amended to add me? What will have to be done? Will it have to be quick/ will it be possible if we get married really close to his reporting date? what about moving our things to the post? thanks!

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    first you will not get the orders ammended- they only ammend orders for overseas-

    you will fund most of the move yourself-

    he will have a weight allowance of 5,000 lbs he can move- if your stuff is together- they will move up to that 5,000 lbs.

    you will not get DLA, PER DIEM, and He will get Malt for only one vehicle- since you are not on orders-

    he will have to set everything up - at his end at OSUT .

    sorry I know it sucks- but that is the way the regs are written.
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    After you are married, you need to be added to DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. I believe this can be done online, or certainly done when you get to the first assignment. This shows he is married, who is his dependent, and makes you eligible for benefits, such as medical, commissary, etc. Check in with the Family Readiness Center/Family Service Center on base when you get there. They should have a 'new spouse' workshop that goes over everything you need to know!

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