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Thread: COTs and moving question

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    COTs and moving question

    We are OCONUS here in Hawaii and about to finish our first tour here. DH is taking orders again (we already know the command, just waiting on the orders to get cut.) We live in housing in a 3br and qualify for a 4br. My question is, will the Navy move us on our "new" orders to the 4br housing? The PPV company and Navy Housing mentioned it to me and told DH to bring his orders (which he doesn't have yet) to JPSO or whatever it's called for them to figure it out. They mentioned that we got 1 move per set of orders basically.

    Does anyone know any truth to this? It would be AWESOME if they'd move us to the 4br...we just moved again a year ago here on island and did it ourselves and it was a PITA and this time we have a tiny baby plus 2 other kids to deal with.

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    first- no you are not entitled to a move per set of orders-

    this is a huge misconception-

    how the JFTR reads is if the new PDS is farther than 50 miles from the last PDS they will fund a move.
    so if you are currently stationed on ship ABC and PDS to ship DEF and both are at pearl harbor- you are not entitled to a move.
    other wise it is called a "no cost transfer" even for COT's.

    and getting a 4 bed has no bearing on orders- but is up to housing if you qualify -

    you may be moving yourself again.

    for the actual regs go to the JFTR-chapter 5 or I can post the actual regs ...
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    Thanks! We went to housing today, got on the list for the 4br. Sounds like we may move ourselves (which is what we are preparing for) though they still told us to bring his orders in when he gets them, it depends on how they read. I'll just assume they won't pay for the move since it is from one PH command to another.
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    I don't think so. I know that when we took our second set of orders here we contemplated moving into a larger house and we were told that it didn't matter that they were different orders but because we were within the same area they didn't have to pay us to move. I always thought you had to move to a new command that was outside a certain mileage if that makes sense.

    We moved once on our own here.....rented a Uhaul and went for wasn't that bad.......and I am sure your husband can find people to help you pack up and move.....I think we took two days to do that move ourself.
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    I was told it depends on the accounting data that is on my new orders but I am not counting on it.

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