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    Help First Move

    Ok My hubbie just got his orders for dam neck in virginia and this will be the first time the kids and i are able to move with him. I guess I was just hoping for any advice or some details on what to expect. He has been in for a while but i am still unfamiliar with all the abbreveations and stuff so in laymans terms please. Thanks in advance
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    Are you moving yourself (DITY) or will the military be moving you? If you have movers do it watch them like a hawk. Read everything before you sign it so they don't say something is broken or messed up when it isn't. Get their names because alot of time truckers higher daily help at each destination and have no paperwork on them so if they steal from you, you can't file a police report, this happened to us. Take pictures of your things and even video tape if you want for proof. Have soda and water on hand for them, maybe even feed them while they are there so they are happy with you therefore take better care of your stuff. In the last 10yrs we have moved 7times so if you have questions send me a message. I've had both good and bad experience and would be glad to share it with you. Good luck!
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    take a few minutes to read thru some of the posts here-

    there are a few of us who have posted alot of information.

    also take the time to learn the acronyms- they are very important and you will need to know them when PCSing.

    then come back and ask more specific questions so we can give you straight answers to what yoou need to know.

    the first PCS is the worst- but it does not have to be impossible!
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    I'm in the same boat as you, this is my first move as well and we are still waiting on my dh's orders, its really irritating since they have to do all this process and clear things up to make sure everything is good to go. But we will be in MD so we will be neighbors! Also I know we will be having the military move our stuff just waiting...grrrr...but as i'm waiting I am researching about our next place and finding out things like DEERS Id's and licensing stuff, and also sorting out all our stuff that's coming with us so there's also a site i am referring to called they have a section that says "plan my move" and gives a helpful guide on things you should be doing. It's really helpful so I hope it will help you.

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