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    So my husband was on one year unaccompanied orders to Bahrain. Well he had to OTEIP there for another year. I know Bahrain is opened up to all dependents and they are letting people change from unaccompanied to accompanied. But we can not do that because my daughter is EFM and limited to stateside or my daughter can't go to Bahrain. I want to know since we are limited if they will move us since my husband now has a year and a half left there and I need to get back by family.
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    Bryson needs to go to the command and let them know that Lei got put on EFMP Cat 5 and ask to have ya'll moved near family. Bryan said he is pretty sure that they will do it. But Bryson has to get the permission from the command so that they can cut the orders. Where are you going to go?

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